Half a life and twice as much pain
a tale of sorrows
a coil of memories
twisted, left to rot
-to hang me
in a dark night of despair
a lonely road to perdition
led down this path of madness
lay me down to sleep
in the wilds of the deep blue
sky or sea
it matters not to me
let me sink slowly
into death’s open arms
it desires me, you do not
or let the wind
carry me to rest among the clouds
shape my coffin out of the softness
tell the world I am gone forever
grieve if you like
it makes no difference to me


Abi (my father)

Abi, I miss you
where have you gone?
You sit in the chair near me
but it’s not you
an old man with white hair
and frail bones has taken your place
he tries to speak to me –
his lips quiver, he mumbles
his hands sit quietly by his side
when yours would have been
dancing in the air
moving to the music of your words