Spare me

Don’t look at me like that
the pity in your eyes is telling
a fountain of emotional welling
save your brimming tears
for someone else
another person-another place
a different time-another space
glances, steel tipped lances
felling my dignity, spearing my defenses
drops of molten lava
petrifying my calm oasis
leave us alone
don’t intrude on our zone
in our misery /bravery
your zone, the zone of insanity
and prevailing inhumanity
a lexicon of abuse and hatred
pours insults on my head
invades my hearing
besieges my thought
a litany, a heavy ballad
recounting battles fought
thousands of years ago
a sad cacophony of cheers and jeers
as the victor is hailed, the loser derailed
the victor crowned
his name enshrined
carved in marble
etched, burnished
the loser left behind
hemmed in with barbed wire
needles drawing blood
gashing wounds flailed
choked by heating rage
vanquished to an empty page
with no title – no text
no description, no definition
shrunken to a fable
a folktale, a bedtime story
‘once upon a time we had a home’
reality mixed with fiction
a dose of poison inhaled
with every breath taken
from every breath exhaled
in a media production inspired
by a transgressor’s institution
a fellowship of political prostitution
that of ‘war the only option’
the enemy my brothers embraced
reduced my existence
to one word:


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