the year of sorrows

stretch out your hands to the aeons of time

grasp from them the year of sorrows

keep it within your palms

place it on your breast

feel the heartbeats of the dead

touch the blood that soaks the earth

feel its warmth

hear the cries of your brothers

feel their pain

the crush of death enfolds us

in its embrace we sink into the depth

of an endless night of shadows


Sea of sand

I walk in the hot burning sand

Searching for my own promised land

Meandering in the sands of time

Soft and smooth beneath my feet

Inviting me to lie down – feel the heat

I close my eyes and remember

Thoughts swim through memories

I lean back and slowly breathe in

Oceans of images from the past

Currents, carry me to my childhood

Scenes, pictures – of people, of me

All drifting in the waves of the sea.